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Updated: Apr 25

Five Steps to Organize your Closet

Don't you just hate when you can't find your favorite jeans?

Did you just go through a tough life experience?

Do you have trouble choosing an outfit in the morning?

Organizing your closet can help you with any problems you may encounter. First its a great distraction and it is only going to facilitate your everyday life. I know organizing can be challenging for some of us so here are 5 easy steps to follow.

1. Start with a clean canvas - here you want to take everything out (YES EVERYTHING! even that old card you got on your birthday 5 years ago. Starting with an empty closet will open up space and it will help you avoid putting things back how you had them.

2. Categorize & Trash- here is where you want to separate your clothes by categories such as leggings, jeans, t-shirts, tanks etc. Once everything is separated you'll see what category you own more of; this will be helpful when placing things back in your closet. Lets talk about clutter ! I know I'm not the only one who held on to free t-shirts I got and never wore. How about that shirt you love but has a hole? The time has come THROW IT OUT! It's CLUTTER. not only are items like this taking up space in your closet but it is making it messy.

3. Refold & Hang- Here is where you want to take the time to fold your clothes neatly. If you're terrible like me at folding you might want to practice using a folding board (linked below). Once your shirt are nice and folded you want to make sure you line them up to create a retail look. Next is hang, start with hanging the category you own more of, since this will take up the most space in your closet. When hanging its important to make sure all of your clothes is facing the same direction and it is not inside out.

4. Color Coordinate- Start hanging your clothes back in your closet separating it from light to dark from left to right. Color Coordinating will seriously change your life! Also it is so satisfying. Pro Tip~if there is anything you follow through these 5 steps is to invest in matching hangers. Having matching hangers will automatically give your closet a new and clean look.

5.Fill your closet- Here you'll start placing remaining items back into your closet I like to do tank tops, t-shirts, then dresses (summer) or short sleeves, long sleeve, knits and jackets (winter). What you want to create here is a ladder you don't want a long dress next to a cropped t-shirt so imagine going from shortest to longest in length. If your closet is small like mine, I reccomend using plastic bins to save space and stay organized. I love plastic bins(specifically clear), you can label them and easily access them.

Cleaning out your closet is a great way to declutter, refocus and facilitate your life. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on organization.

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