• Melinna Gonzalez

Bottoms up

How to store your pants?

Do you usually hang, fold, or toss your pants?

The way you store things usually depend on the space that you have, however even if your space is limited your creativity should not be.


Folding is ideal for small spaces, but personally I hate folding and many times your drawers end up messy. Instead of folding I recommend rolling your clothes, this makes it easier to find certain pieces and minimizes space. Items I recommend you fold are: underguarments, pjs, workout leggings, and camis.


This is my favorite type of storage since I hate ironing and its way faster than folding. I also tend to use things more when they are hung since they are easily visible. Items I like to hang dresses, tops, knits, denim, coats & jackets, tanks, well basically everything.

Watch this video for creative ways to store bottoms


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